~Laura~ (spiffyfairy) wrote in thenaturalstate,

Stoner contribution

I decided to make a list for the people who come here to know good places to light up when your just here to visit or something... and wanna be able to smoke your pot w/o getting caught.

well there's always my house to smoke at... so yeah...

then there's by the river, under or above the little bridge beneath the railroad tracks.

behind the ampatheater(spelling?)(by the river)

People who go to central: girls bathroom- third floor (not many people since half the floor is under construction and bathroom windows always open) or in the dugout.

vinos: i HEAR people smoke in vinos? so im gonna go with that.

most of the little rock parks are good to smoke at

okay so i dont know if there is much of a point to this post, but i just felt the need to make a update in the community <3
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