MJ (myiris) wrote in thenaturalstate,

le applicacion. or something.

Name: manda
Age: 21
Location: conway, arkansas
Why is Arkansas awesome? b/c we're the home of bill clinton, one of the coolest motherfuckers around, why else?! just kidding... arkansas is awesome, simply BECAUSE it is lame. there is nothing to do in arkansas besides find somewhere else to go. i love it though, it is home.

and you have to let me in b/c you need a fourth member, says i.
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holy shit!
someone applied!
hells yea i applied. what?! you think you're the only biznitches in AR that're cool enough [or lame enough i dunno which] to be on a community representing it? nah, i needed a new community. so here i am.

does that mean i am good enough for this one? ::bounces::

hmm, well, i actually was arrogant enough to think i was the only person who actually liked this shithole of a state.

and darling, of course your in.
glad to surprise you, then, i suppose. of course i love this state. my best friend and i were driving around up in holcombe heights by the river tonite, checking out the view and stuff, and i said "whenever i have a career and a family, i'm still going to live here. this is the only state that's home." lame, yea, but i meant it.... it is a shithole though. lol

thanks! way to boost my ego! i'm one of the cool kids now =)))!
p.s. where do you live?

::cue creepy stalker 'cape fear' music::
Little Rock....which should be....


okay, that was corny.
suh-weet. i work in the big rockin capitol myself. nice to meet you.